Institute of sport (IOS)

The ƹϵεapp Institute of Sport (IOS) aims to build successful, well-rounded people, not just successful athletes. The programme involves goal setting, athlete and team development, principles and methods of training, skill development, event preparation, hydration and sports nutrition.

Being a part of the Institute of Sport gives you access to:

  • Methods of improving own sporting performance
  • Specific mentoring for both sport and academic pathways
  • ƹϵεapp Institute of Sport training t-shirt and drink bottle
  • Subsidised two day high-performance camp
  • Team and individual coaches
  • Local facilities, e.g. Nayland Pool, City Fitness
  • School facilities e.g. fitness centre, high-performance multi-sport turf & gymnasiums
  • Event information
  • Sport performance camp
Picture by Tim Cuff - 8 April 2024 - ƹϵεapp prospectus images, Nelson.

How do I become part of the Institute of Sport?

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