Learning support

Students with additional learning needs

At ƹϵεapp we value an inclusive culture where students are valued and respected.

Every student has the right to achieve success and make progress at school, regardless of their ability. Students with special education needs also have the right to receive extra support to assist them to reach their potential.

All aspects of learning support are coordinated across the school by a learning support coordinator. Learning needs are identified through student voice, teacher referrals, assessment data, progress reporting, information from contributing schools and external agencies as well as parent / caregiver discussions. Parents / caregivers are included in decisions regarding the best approach to support the student’s learning needs.

When a student's needs are identified as ongoing, or the school deems it appropriate for a student, an  (IEP) is developed. This process involves parents, teachers, deans and other support agencies as appropriate.

Support for students individual learning needs can take a range of forms including in-class differentiated activities, support from Learning Assistants, use of technology tools and small group or individual teaching and learning time in our Learning Hub.

Picture by Tim Cuff - 18 May 2017  - ƹϵεapp, Nelson, New Zealand:

"The school is highly effective in accelerating progress for those students who need this and who complete their schooling at ƹϵεapp. As targeted learners progress through the school they are more likely to make accelerated progress and achieve success."

- Education Review Office Report 2020

Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is a supportive learning environment consisting of two teaching spaces and a break-out space and is situated downstairs in Block 3.

It was set up in 2019 to support a range of learners, from those studying for scholarships and doing correspondence subjects through to those who have specialised learning needs and those who have been identified as working below the expected standard particularly in their literacy and numeracy.

The Learning Hub is fully supervised and has a number of teachers timetabled to work with students either 1:1 or in small groups. A number of learning programmes are also utilised to support the learning process (eg: Lexia).

Students enter The Hub with an Individual Learning Plan which is designed to support their learning goals, and this is monitored throughout their time in The Hub.

We are extremely fortunate to be able to support our students in this way and we want them to see their time in The Hub as a privilege.

For more information contact Sue Ford

Learning Support Centre

The Learning Support Centre has a dedicated, experienced and caring staff who cater for a diverse group of students. Some students may be based at the centre for their full programme, while others may be attending a majority of classes in the mainstream.

The LSC at Nayland is flexible and ensures students get what they need. When planning programmes for individual students, parents/caregivers are included in the decision making. Each student has an Individual Education Plan (IEP)


Mathematics, Literacy, Social Studies, Science, Life Skills, Music, Technology, Computers, Outdoor Education, and Art. There are also opportunities for students to be involved in education outside the classroom activities, such as Swimming, Riding for the Disabled, Work Experience, and LSC Camp.

For more information contact Sue Ford.