Specialist music programmes

We have several music modules offered at Year 9 and 10, catering for a variety of musical experience and interests, and providing the fundamental classical and contemporary training for our upcoming budding musicians. Our junior music programmes effectively prepare students to study NCEA music as well as offering opportunities for students to extend their talents beyond the classroom.

At Years 11, 12 and 13, Music is a progressive and practical course concentrating on performance, composition, aural skills and musical knowledge. Students will be working to a higher level on their chosen instrument.

ƹϵεapp, in conjunction with the ƹϵεapp School of Music, offers  students the chance to learn a musical instrument through our itinerant music programme. With specialist tutors, regular ensembles and highly qualified staff, the programme engages and supports students with an interest in developing musical performance skills and is a recommended add-on for those who are interested in developing more comprehensive skills that will provide a strong platform for future success in music.

Students who have already been learning an instrument, or would like to learn an instrument, can apply for lessons. Although the focus is on learning an orchestral instrument, there will be limited places available for other instruments as well. We cater to the needs of our students and can meet with students individually or in small groups to encourage, challenge and develop musical interests and skills.

Students taking lessons as part of the itinerant music programme will be expected to participate in a school ensembles as appropriate and be committed to practising their instrument on a regular basis.

Our music programme is led by Kay Mackenzie. She can be contacted at


If you are interested in signing up for music lessons through our itinerant music programme, please fill out an application form available on (parent/caregiver login) or see Jules Ferguson Brill in the Performing Arts Office.

New enrolments will get their SchoolBridge login details early in 2024. Applications close 5pm Friday 9 February.

Don't miss our 'Meet the Head of Music' evening arranged for Wednesday 7 February, 5:00pm-6:00pm in MU1.

Picture by Tim Cuff - 7 April 2022 - ƹϵεapp prospectus pictures, Nelson